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Our company, with the distinctive title Ygeias Erga, has been active in the field of medical services for over 15 years. The high quality of nursing services we provide at your home, our people oriented approach, the high professional level of our partners, the continuous improvement of our services as well as our aim for the highest standard of patient care, have placed us at the top of paramedic home services.

The aim of our company, which originated from years of experience in the medical field, is the best possible standard of nursing services at home. 


In addition to nursing services, we can provide you with primary care services as well as nutritional advice. Besides the above services, you can find a wide range of enteral nutrition pharmaceutics, food supplements, airmatresses and many more kinds of consumable hygience items.

Our company employs qraduate nurses, with a high level of professional knowledge, who are highly familiar with all the nursing services and are continuously trained, which guarantees the proper execution of nursing services at your home.


The high level of services that we provide, with the experience we have gained through the years, combined with the low cost of our services, are sure to make you fully satisfied. 

You can contact us daily from 08.00 to 23.00 to make an appointment and yoy can contact our nursing staff 24 hours, 7 days a week.

49, Aris Velouchiotis str, Stavroupoli 564 30 Thessaloniki Greece

tel: +30 2310 96 88 80, fax: +30 2310 759 399, mob: +30 6944 585 400

e-mail:  newmed@otenet.gr            www.ygeiaserga.com   


Parenteral Nutrition at Home

Ygeias Erga is the leading company which has been attending to the parenteral nutrition of patients at their home for many years. our aim is to ensure the holistic care of the patient.

Following internationally recognised protocols to administer parenteral nutrition to patients who are not able to ingest food orally, we ensure an aseptic environment for the proper administration of the parenteral through a central line (jugular, subclavian, femoral, port, picc) or short - term peripheral admisistration. We take on all the organisation of patient care at home.

All the necessary procedures, contacting the health care institution, the doctors, the pharmacy, pharmaceutical wholesalers and the patient's insurance institution, are taken care of by the trained staff of Ygeias Erga.

Our nurses train the patient's family (and the patients, if possible) to property set up the area for the preparation and placement / disconnection of the parenteral nutrition based on internationally recognised nursing protocols, they inform the physician about the patient's health while they collaborate with them on the way to administer parenteral nutrition or other injectable medications the patient requires.

Parenteral nutrition and treatment products with solutions for injection are dispensed promptly through pharmacies. Even if the patient is on holidays, their nutrition maybe continued regularly throught out Greece. We offer responsible nursing care at home through our properly trained staff. We are distinguished for our responsibility, professionalism and commitment to people through a properly structured working environment.

Our long lasting experience creates the conditions for the proper nutrition of patients at home. The safety in our family, our house, our familiar environment is unconditional... Patients feel much better living in their owh environment, with their loved ones, with memories, belongings and situations which give them strength to deal with their illness and a much better quality of life.

Ygeias Erga makes all the above a reality through home nursing care, even for patients who suffer from chronic diseases.


Enteral Nutrition at Home

Ygeias Erga provides a complete set of enteral nutrition pharmaceutics, both drink able as well as administered through a feeding tube (gastrostomy, neistostomy, Levin). Dietary foods for special medical purposes, normal intestinal function, special nutrition for children, for oncology patients, patients who have trouble swallowing, immunodiagnosis, hyper protein beverages, high protein supplements e.t.c.

Ygeias Erga takes on the immediate and timely delivery of intestinal solutions to your home as well as dispending appliances, dispensing pumps and medical devices.